2013 Western Decorating Trends: Hot Western Decorating Colors

2013 western decorating colors are more subtle than 2012. Last year’s tangerine is this year’s nectarine. The shift from last year’s bright colors reflects the need for stability and sophistication. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Emerald, is the perfect example of this sophistication.

Pantone’s 2013 colors are great for western and southwestern decorating. The spring fashion report is filled with fun colors like emerald, grayed jade, dusk blue, african violet, poppy red, and monaco blue.

Do you love southwestern décor? Lemon zest, nectarine, and poppy red make a southwestern home youthful and fun.

If you are looking for western or lodge décor, embrace emerald, tender shoots, grayed jade, dusk blue, monaco blue, and linen.



Pantone 2013 Fashion Colors are predicting softer versions of last year’s colors.

As we begin 2013, leathery browns are expected to become an important base color. Use soft blue, navy, olives, camel, and orange-red to accent browns. Pantone’s Rugged Individuals Palette is perfect for western, southwestern, and rustic homes.


2013 Western Decorating Colors

Pantone 2013 Rugged Individual predicts traditional navy, rust, and olive to be hot.

I also predict that turquoise will continue to be hot in 2013. To embrace 2013 trends, choose turquoise with a green base instead of a bright blue.

Are you ready for 2013 western décor using our hot new colors?

2013 Western Decorating Colors:

2013 Pantone Rugged Individual

Timeless Diamond Bedding from King Ranch Saddle Shop


2013 western decorating colors

Indigo River Dinnerware from King Ranch Saddle Shop


western decorating leather

Savannah Mustard Dinnerware from Lone Star Western Decor


Pantone Spring Western Colors

Talavera Longhorn from Lone Star Western Decor


Rugged Individual western color

Vintage Comic Book Page by Vintage and Nostalgia

What do you think of 2013’s western decorating colors? How do you plan to use them in your home?

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